!الاسئلة التي لم يتجرأ أحد أن يسألها عن قانون السير الجديد

So the new Traffic Law has been officially launched last week with an outdoor campaign to remind the people to follow the rules. Which is all fantastic, and I have in fact downloaded the entire million page PDF which I tried to go through. Then skimmed and then went to sleep I guess.

I realized that either: I have missed something or: there are a few important mentions that have been omitted. Here are some of the questions that I have:

1. If the darake decides to hit on me on a red light, tries to slip me his number and winks sleazily. What is the fine for that?

f71a062c62543444658ccd8a3f97b307(oh you wish we had that in Lebanon at every light!!) 

2. If a girl is doing her makeup, but not the foundation – that’s too much. Just the blush maybe. Or the mascara. What is the fine for that?


3. If a spoiled kid in the next car sticks out his tongue or worse, flips you off. What is the fine for that?

18 months old baby boy in car safety seat. Unhappy child crying.

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