Haifa Wehbe, taking trash and prostitution globally.

I fought it hard. But then couldn’t anymore. I did it. I watched the new Haifa Video Clip, Breathing you In. I had a few Xanax-es, drank a few coffee cups trying to avoid it. But it wasn’t doing any good. I clicked play.

And then all hell broke loose.

The clip starts with a scene from Gravity and you keep waiting for Sandra or George to show up. But then you get Casper and Haifa!

haifa 1

You then go back in time to see Casper’s abs, because why not. That brings so much added value.

haifa 2

Then she starts to sing! And your ears bleed.

Because I am breathing you in, you get me started when you begin. Deep huh?

What follows is this:

1. A silly and cliché beat, that you think you have heard back in the 90s.

2. Some singing that you cannot understand because of her bad English accent and the amount of voice filtering to hide the fact that she cannot sing.

3. Haifa making her usual sex faces. Because this sells.

haifa 33

4. Some terrible dance moves


5. Haifa flying into space wearing a modern type furniture item upside down.

haifaa lamp

6. The moment where you can see Haifa’s vgg.


7. That moment when she travels to space to touch the hand of her lover. How romantic.


8. That ugly red hair and old fashioned make-up. Someone should tell her that this look is really becoming trashy and deja vu. Too Arabic and too common and the furthest away from class. haifa 222

9. The usual top view of Haifa chilling in a garden

ezgif.com-maker (2)

10. How thankful we are that Haifa is now singing in English disregarding the fact that this country needs a good image and good credit. At a point she was a superstar and we disregarded that she couldn’t sing and used her body to entertain. It was her decision. But now that she has taken trash and prostitution globally because that is the only acceptable next step for artists with an added value.
What is her added value? – Showcasing another Lebanese girl, with minimum talent, respect and input trotting the globe and sharing her assets.

If you missed it and want a combination of being pissed off, having a laugh and puking a little bit. Here it is:


Bewildered, Confused, Astonished and Furious Haneen.