Post Mother’s Day Weekend: My mother’s hobby is to pick on me #MommyIssues

So people who are close to me would say that I have a funny relationship. For the sake of therapy and post this lovely occasion, I would like to say that the sacrifices that my mother did and continues to do are tremendous. How she continues to wake up and take care of us everyday is beyond me.


But she has both a talent and a hobby (she said it herself) to pick on me and annoy me. Let me tell you how her hobby manifests in 12 lovely moments:

  1. How she always comments on my weight. Always.
  2. How she puts the TV on a really high volume and then just leaves the TV room to the kitchen.
  3. How she changes my room’s decoration all the time, and puts away my stuff. Which means for the upcoming week I will not find anything and will lose my temper.
  4. How she takes us not eating a dish she made very personal. And then will probably not cook again for at least 24 hours.
  5. How she hardly answers her phone and then when you ask her, she says “ma ele jlede”. Even though you might need her for something urgent.
  6. That annoying same question she asks every time I am going somewhere. Me: Mom heading down to Hamra.” Mom: “W shu fi bil Hamra…” And the list goes on.
  7. How she watches the news on all channels every night, then the midnight recap as well. Because the news can drastically change within a few hours.
  8. How she throws my laundry on the bed when she is mad at me.
  9. How she is always mad at me for some reason.
  10. How she makes the best food and deserts, especially when I am dieting.
  11. That new Instagram account that she opened to spy on me.
  12. How she is right about everything.

But then there was this one time over the weekend, when we were at this big dinner and she said something along the lines of, “Mama, I know that you are the prettiest one in the room.”

And that sort of just makes everything worth it. Because it is a fact that she was too.

Happy mother’s day!