The Sisters. The Lebanese Kardashians. The Epitome of Silliness. The Reason You Want to Slit Your Wrists. #YouAreNotAlone

I don’t know how many brain cells I have, but I am sure that almost 100,000,000 brain cells have been killed yesterday. I did the mistake of watching The Sisters. Why? Because I was bored and I really had some time on my hands. We all heard so much about it and I couldn’t have missed it.


I find it really weird that it is timed so close to Women’s Day. How ironic that these women represent our society. 3 of the most self-centered, personality lacking, no-cultured, low IQ-ed, spoiled rich girls of the Lebanese community.

While women all over the world have struggled to make a place for themselves, to celebrate respect and women achievements, Alice, Nadine and Farah portray a version of women that wrecks all the efforts of great female figures. Sorry ‎Margaret Thatcher, ‎Malala Yousafzai, Audrey Hepburn, Benazir Bhutto, Maya Angelo, Bronte Sister, and the list goes on.

How are we supposed to be respected and appreciated while we see 3 plastic women, showered with money and free clothes (I didn’t know that) share with us their daily meaningless stupid lives. I don’t care whether they go to the gym, and how they fight and how they shop and takes photo-shoots.

But anyways, let’s meet the lovely cast:

  • Alice: the eldest sister, bossy and pushy and has this annoying way of speaking. Also scary on close-ups.


  • Nadine: Also self-centered and silly, but has a bit of sense of humor.

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