Dancing with the Stars Week 3. I wasn’t Impressed and this post is boring!

So, the third week of Dancing of the Stars is back, and there is a void. Wayna Jane?! Because quite frankly I didn’t feel like slapping anyone in the face after she left and MTV took that away from me.

So I have to deal with what I have left, and quite frankly it was average this time around.

Let me share with you the highlights, that I had to squeeze out of me:

1. Call me crazy, but there was a lot of nakedness on the show last night.

Amina   Chloe  Ibrahim 2

Dalida  Raed Rony

2. I really liked Carla’s dress, and her mistakes were brought down to a minimum last night. Good job for on a lot of the funny jokes. Bravo Carla.

Carla dress

3. I still have no idea who Reine Ashkar is, sorry! And Reine, that lying on the floor beginning of your Charleston wasn’t very flattering my friend. This program is G rated.

Reine Continue reading


Dancing with the Stars – Episode 2 Review. The drama continues and Carla says the darnedest things!

I had to go out to a birthday celebration last night (Thank you Mavis, I enjoyed it), and was bombarded with messages and notes asking about my comments on Dancing with the Stars. So, I stayed up late last night to watch the re-run and give it to you. As usual the show didn’t disappoint me. The drama continued, and here are my highlights:

1. Kif we2feen sha3rato la mike Boladian? Ana baddi.Mike

2. Reine Ashkar, with a Samba that looked more like oriental dancing than anything else. Which reminds I don’t even know who she is. What does she do again?

3. Anthony and Chole’s beautiful dance.

4. Darren was even more handsome last night. Was it that bowtie? Or the slight tan? I have no idea. But that man is too cute.dareen 2 Continue reading