5 men I was supposed to marry in 2014!

At the risk of sounding extremely redundant, the life of a single late 20s girl becomes completely concentrated around finding a husband, until she actually gets married or dies for that matter.

So if you are a single girl and you haven’t married yet or died, men will be shoved in your face or you will be displayed for men. It is of course worse for a Druze girl; because automatically all non-Druze men will either run away from you or treat you like a temporary breeze of fun.

While eligible Druze men are a gem, a rare phenomenon, a shooting star you are probably doomed. So when your friends push you onto someone, they expect you to jump at the opportunity. If you don’t go for it, then you’re a negative person who isn’t grabbing life by the horns and you also don’t appreciate your friend’s help.

So you see, we are forced into meeting these men under the headline of “I am ready to get married, if you like me, take me!” Regardless if you we want to get married or not.

Being your average Druze girl next door, I had my fair share of set-ups; mostly during 2014. I think because to everyone, I am starting to become more desperate the closer I get to 30. The age of the devil.

I am taking this space to share with you the list of top 5 highlight dates, maybe next time you want to set me up, you will pity me and spare me.

  1. Marwan, The Garbage enthusiast:
  • I am sure it is not entirely his fault. But it so happened that our conversation started about a certain “Garbage Dump” in Lebanon and him taking part in that cause. Let me point out that it was prior to lunch so you should know the effect of that conversation on my mood. I feel bad about saying that, maybe it was worse for him. But honestly, I can’t remember anything else of that 2 hour conversation. The garbage thing was just too much for me to handle.


  1. Sami, The Interrogator:
  • The thing is, you might feel like I am exaggerating with this tag. But I am not. We sat for coffee, and then he started his questions. Why aren’t you married yet? How many kids do you want? Do you want to quit your job to take care of the family? When do you want to get married? Does the wedding have to happen in your hometown? Do you know how to cook and are you willing to learn the “mjadre”? I wanted to stab him in the face and ask him do you know that you are an idiot and are you willing to shut up? AND trust me he wasn’t as good looking as this guy:


  1. Tarek, The Grandpa:
  • He turned out to be 50, and has no idea what a young spirit is. Need I say more? And yes I stopped speaking to that friend I can assure you.

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