The Sisters. The Lebanese Kardashians. The Epitome of Silliness. The Reason You Want to Slit Your Wrists. #YouAreNotAlone

I don’t know how many brain cells I have, but I am sure that almost 100,000,000 brain cells have been killed yesterday. I did the mistake of watching The Sisters. Why? Because I was bored and I really had some time on my hands. We all heard so much about it and I couldn’t have missed it.


I find it really weird that it is timed so close to Women’s Day. How ironic that these women represent our society. 3 of the most self-centered, personality lacking, no-cultured, low IQ-ed, spoiled rich girls of the Lebanese community.

While women all over the world have struggled to make a place for themselves, to celebrate respect and women achievements, Alice, Nadine and Farah portray a version of women that wrecks all the efforts of great female figures. Sorry ‎Margaret Thatcher, ‎Malala Yousafzai, Audrey Hepburn, Benazir Bhutto, Maya Angelo, Bronte Sister, and the list goes on.

How are we supposed to be respected and appreciated while we see 3 plastic women, showered with money and free clothes (I didn’t know that) share with us their daily meaningless stupid lives. I don’t care whether they go to the gym, and how they fight and how they shop and takes photo-shoots.

But anyways, let’s meet the lovely cast:

  • Alice: the eldest sister, bossy and pushy and has this annoying way of speaking. Also scary on close-ups.


  • Nadine: Also self-centered and silly, but has a bit of sense of humor.


  • Farah: Youngest sister, lost in her personality and has no charisma on camera. Never well-rehearsed and doesn’t know how to speak.


  • Friends: not important cast
  • Abby: the poor maid who is going to heaven and should report them to social services.
  • Parents: Nowhere to be found… yet.
  • Stella: the cute dog who pooped on the show, reflecting the latter’s real quality.


If you have missed the first episode, congratulations your life is so much better. But let me give you some highlights that forced me to have Xanax to get through the 50 min. Was I forced to do it? YES! Or else how will I rant:

1. Alice, the eldest sister, has the most annoying voice and way of speaking. Some sort of squeaky tonality that is even worse than my squeakiness I promise. She is bossy and controlling you want to slap her to silence. You really do. Nadine calls her Kabis, and sorry but she does look like a Kabis at some points.

2. This is the most scripted show on earth. It brings a new level of fakeness that is just scary to watch. I am sure that most shows are scripted but the girls can’t act!! They seem so awkward and scared in front of the cameras.

3. You seriously wait for the moment someone will come out and tell you that this is a prank, or part of sakhafetna/sa2afetna campaign.

4. You continue to ask yourself where ZeeZee M and her banana are. Perfect fit for the show.

5. The show makes Kim Kardashians and her entourage seem smart, entertaining, fun and meaningful.

6. The trio fight and yell all throughout the show, from start to finish. New found level of silliness. Reminds me of how profound the fights I have with my sister. For example, we will fight that I posted this picture of her. Hi Reem J


7. Anthony Rizk Mahdoum. Shu ra2mo?

anthony rsik

8. How Nadine promoted anorexia. Because why not. Scarily skinny is what you need to be to earn love, and no I am not saying that because I broke my diet again.

9. The plot: …. wait, what plot? Was it Nadine and her cake? I am confused.

10. The continuous questions you ask yourself: what is the purpose of this? Why is it on TV? Why was money spent on this? Where are their parents? Is this part of a teaser campaign that will blow up in our faces later on? Is the gag reflex I have because of this show?

I am surprised with the management of LBC really reflecting and highlighting how brainless and superficial this society is. Not only do we like and follow and appreciate such a behavior, but we also give them a show of their own so that they can spread their sakhafe on wider audience. Brain hemorrhage at its best.

And if you actually give them a show, at least coach them to speak in front of the camera (Maybe Nadine is the best amongst them). They sound like 3 dimwits. They are the Lebanese Kardashians? Ya ma7la el sex tape taba3 Kim Kardashian!

What a disgrace to womankind. To the entire human species.

You missed it? Here you go, watch some trash:

and check the funny parody on Beirut+ TV:


13 thoughts on “The Sisters. The Lebanese Kardashians. The Epitome of Silliness. The Reason You Want to Slit Your Wrists. #YouAreNotAlone

  1. I think they’re brilliant (-ly stupid), smart (asses), beautiful (-y gay), resourceful (just lol), cultured (-banana), OPEN(hell yes)-minded, and a grace (dis-) to our Lebanese society!


  2. Fuck Thatcher though… Also how many of these blog posts are going to be written- what a waste of everyones time! This will only keep them on air. /rant over

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a stupid show! The plot is stupid and the 3 of the sisters are even more stupid! How can someone be that shallow, fake and arrogant? Alice treats poor Abby like a slave. Not only is this show racist, but it should be banned from airing. Nadine is so full of herself and pure retarded. How about Farah? Of course, they had to pick the most successful life coach to get us hooked to watch. Honestly, Anthony Rizk is the only reason I may be slightly interested in enduring another hour of this disaster. Poor Stella.. If i was her I would bite them till they die.. And abby.. just poison their food or slap them on their fake faces and put us out of our misery.. haram ya LBC!!!!!!! This is not a good image for us Lebanese women and this is not a good image of you! Anthony Rizk if you ever read this, please leave the show. We love you a lot and you are bigger than this. You shouldn’t be on such a low quality show!! Even if you are doing this to help Farah, she is so fake she doesn’t even deserve the miracles you do with people. Nyaaaaaaaaaaa


  4. Well I ve couldn’t not pass the comments through here! They are not just silly they are not even rich few ago the one who call her self an international model used to accept shooting jobs for 200 us even less!!! Very low class girls, and as well if to talk about fashion main of their cloth are fake!))) I am pretty that this is JOKE about Lebanese woman how she should be, as a foreigner I could really say that educated stylish intersting woman ICONS!! This 3 monkey are funny interpretation of stupidity:)) and ofcource far from Fashion Icons!))((


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