Dancing with the Stars Episode 2 Review. The drama continues. Carla still says the darnedest things!

I had to go out to a birthday celebration last night (Thank you Mavis, I enjoyed it), and was bombarded with messages and notes asking about my comments on Dancing with the Stars. So, I stayed up late last night to watch the re-run and give it to you. As usual the show didn’t disappoint me. The drama continued, and here are my highlights:

1. Kif we2feen sha3rato la mike Boladian? Ana baddi. Mike

2. Reine Ashkar, with a Samba that looked more like oriental dancing than anything else. Which reminds I don’t even know who she is. What does she do again?

3. Anthony and Chole’s beautiful dance.

4. Darren was even more handsome last night. Was it that bowtie? Or the slight tan? I have no idea. But that man is too cute. dareen 2

5. Carla, and the small moment when she tried to hit on Anthony Touma. “Esmi min sawtak shu helo!” Sometimes I just want to shake her into reality! Who says those types of things – gorgeous as she is.

6. Again Carla, learning the trick of the game. Waiting for the automated calculator to show the grades before actually announcing them. Well done. Next time, stall in a smarter way ya Carla. We knew that you were waiting for the math to be done.

7. AND, are all the contestants briefed to compliment Carla? Who looked gorgeous by the way! That’s not the point. The point is how everyone felt obliged to say something?

Carla lkdjas

8. Gaby is amazing, I love him. What a gentleman. Is Cinderella really his wife? He seemed like he didn’t recognize her when he first saw her!

9. JP’s abs. Just like that. And how the amazing Sandra wrapped herself around him. JP

10. Amina Ashraf learned some Arabic during a week and discovered her Egyptian heritage. Great work. Her dance was also very cute.

11. Rony Fahed continues to prove he is the man of a girl’s dream. Elegant, good looking, a gentleman. That added perk of seeing Elie Stephan again! Thank you MTV.

12. Regardless of all the technical comments, Dalida and Abdo were my favorite dance of the night. Charming and cute!


13. That chest bump between Ibrahim and Mazen. Mazen is a funny guy!! chest bump

14. I liked the music to Aslak and Laila’s dance, but I really couldn’t get over how weird Aslak looks. He sort of reminded me of a scary version of Twilight’s The Volturi. Like a femalish version of Michael Sheen. aslak scary

15. And FINALLY! I cannot believe that Jane left. That is unfair. Why eliminate the worst contestant and who will I make fun off the most next week? Not cool MTV! Not cool! Check out the elimination here. You don’t need to see her dance, it was pretty crap.

See you all next week… 🙂


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