Dancing with the Stars, returns! And so does my over-dramatic Review!


Dancing with the Stars is back on MTV and I enjoyed last night’s first episode of the first season. Absolutely love MTV’s production quality and creativity.

It included a great lineup of celebrities, cute couples, nice music and I especially enjoyed the graphics and editing.

I spent quite some time with a few statuses on Facebook and Twitter. But I would also like to share a few highlights from last night’s episode, for everyone who has missed it:

1. Rony Fahed. This guy is too cute! With Grey hair and they way he can shake that waist! And and he’s not dumb! Imagine that. Might replace that Elie Stephan crush. But still too early to tell.


2. Carla couldn’t count four 5s and said 30 instead of 20. Next time she should be allowed to count on her fingers or use a calculator. Leish la2.

carla count

3. Wissam and how he makes all of Carla’s jokes less lame and less cliché every single time. This guy is not only Charismatic but also witty and in control. I absolutely love him and his hosting skills.



4. The Beklawa celebrating Darren’s newborn. How Lebanese of MTV! Darren didn’t even get the point. He thought he was supposed to take them to little Valentina. Cute.


5. Jean Paul Bitar and his excuse for a t-shirt. Come topless next time.

JP Bitar

6. All the lady that Carmen Lebbos is, but not so much her dancing.


7. Gabriel Yammine. A great actor with such a nice sense of humor. Nothing too pushy, nothing too in your face. Genuine and funny comments that subtly make you laugh from the heart. What a breeze of fresh air from the forced humor Michel Abou Sleiman used to bring to the show.

8. Mira, looking very pretty and elegant. (Sorry Couldn’t give her justice with a better capture)


9. Jane Kronfol or Konsol or whatever, who is supposed to be a known Lebanese signer or something. I personally haven’t heard about her before. And the question lingers, Leish Bte7ke Heik??

10. Miss Egypt doesn’t speak Arabic? How pretentious of her to speak only English. And a terrible English that was.

11. Jean Paul, confused between Carla and Sandra. Poor lad he was feeling too awkward. You’d think that for someone who had been in a pageant he would be more confident. Unless Mr. Lebanon contest wasn’t held through a pageant. I am really unsure about how they choose them.

12. How Carla couldn’t move her face from the additional work that has been done. I just spend so much time trying to guess how the voices are coming out of her mouth. Was she even talking? Of course she is free to do whatever she wants. It doesn’t concern me. Blah Blah…


13. Mazen’s goatee and how it has a life of its own. I swear I don’t listen to what he says, I just stare at it as it moves. Creepy.


14. Rima Fakih and everything about her. Beauty queen in all what the word means. Pretty, funny, down to earth, great dancer, charming… and that cute accent. Absolutely love her. Please don’t get cocky or obnoxious. Thank you.

15. And to wrap it up, that one perverted and sexual unintentional comment that was made by one of the contestants; which I won’t mention here because this is PG. But it made me giggle. Sorry 🙂

So anyways, seriously can’t wait for next week for more drama, gossip and rants. Yey!

And for everyone who has missed it, here is last night’s episode:



4 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars, returns! And so does my over-dramatic Review!

  1. one of the most discouraging things about watching this show is that they have no sense of good music. I cannot stand it when they do classic routines like salsa to Arabic songs. The two styles are completely unrelated. But otherwise good on MTV for making people interested in watching dance competitions.
    Looks like they got a good bunch this year


    • You’re absolutely right with this point! The dance is not the same with an Arabic song. Although I think they might be trying to promote Arabic music but it’s not as enjoyable!

      Liked by 1 person

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